Twas the first day of 2018 …

The new year. A time to start over, to write your new chapter. You’re on a high because maybe last year wasn’t as forgiving as you’d have liked. So you have nothing but good thoughts and keep holding out for hope of what this new year will bring. So you reflect and take a look at your last year and come up with resolutions and ways you can make a positive change for the better. I love the new year for this reason. I love change and I think it’s a necessity and I admire anyone who acknowledges their need for change.

Why We Like to Travel to SoCal in the Off Season …

California. It’s one of our favorite places to visit. Living in Arizona makes it perfect because SoCal (Los Angeles or San Diego) is an easy drive for us. We’ve been to Cali a lot, and have learned when the best times to go there, especially when traveling with a family. Even better when traveling with a kiddo on the spectrum.

I remember the last time we went to the “Sunshine State” with the kiddos during it’s season. It was 6 years ago, in June. We stayed at a hotel, in Downtown San Diego, which was about a 10 minute drive to Pacific Beach. We packed all of our stuff up, got in the car and took a short drive on the crowded freeway. We got off the freeway and immediately stopped and sat for about 10 minutes. No accident in sight. There was just that many people there. The kids were growing weary, as any 4 and 5 year old would. Thank goodness we were able to turn around. Frustrated we decided to take a ride over the bridge to Coronado Island. Which was when we first realized this was the best place ever. Immediately found a parking spot within a short walking distance to the ocean and had a very fun beach day! Don’t get us wrong, we completely understand why ANYONE would go to California in the summer! Especially, us Arizonians. In the summer, during a day of  120 degree record heat, we all dream of a day a the beach! But, this was the very last time we went to California during their “season.”  We haven’t regretted it since. 

Free Christmas Printables

Here are some more FREE PRINTABLES for your stash! I think these Christmas ones are my favorite to make!




Everything You Need to Know about Glorietta Bay Inn

It’s no surprise that Nick and I love Coronado Island. The last time we went was this year back in the beginning of August. This was the first time we were able to experience Coronado in its entirety, and realized that when we visit the San Diego area we don’t want to stay anywhere else. Coronado Island is a quaint and charming beach community with the most beautiful homes and amazing hotel options for your stay!

When You Have Too Many Leftover M&M’s …. Bake Cookies!


Today is just one of those days. It’s Friday, very cloudy with a little rain, Noah had a Thanksgiving Potluck at school followed by early release and both boys are off school all next week! I am actually super stoked because 1.) I am really looking forward to spending the week with the boys and 2.) I spend a little over 2 hours every morning getting both kids to school, and I am looking forward to using my time otherwise. So, fast forward to after lunch, driving home and Nick not so subtly asked if I could bake some cookies when we got home. (What can I say, he had a hankerin’) I am a sucker for baking on a cloudy day (and for him!) so of course I was more than happy to!



If there is one thing I have learned about being a special needs parent. It’s CHANGE. Be prepared for it. No matter how hard you try to avoid it. It’s gonna happen. I went to one elementary school from K-8th grade. I liked it. That’s what I always wanted for my boys, it’s how I grew friendships and  established relationships. Having grown up that way, I feel that it is very important. I want my kids to go to high school with their elementary school friends and make new ones along the way. Though,  I have come to learn and accept that’s not the reality of our lives. To cater to Noah, we have been through 7 schools and we’re only in 4th grade. I know, you’re right, how could we go through that many schools. Don’t you know how bad that is, not just for your child with ASD but for your neurotypical kiddo as well?? Yes, I do. And you’re absolutely right. I promise it was all with good intentions. We were just trying to make it right for Noah, because we knew Jeremiah could adapt. I’ve learned that having a child on the spectrum or a child with any special needs, that’s just your reality. You need to fight and make it right for them, because in the long run who’s gonna do it for you. That’s why there’s been so much change.

Why organic matters …. and so does PrAna clothing.

I recently had the opportunity to receive and review clothing from an all organic, recycled, sustainable clothing line PrAna. I’ve always had my eye on this line and loved what it stood for, as my inner hippie loves all things organic. So I was stoked when the offer was brought to me! 

Our story, and why we choose CBD.

Three simple letters. CBD. These three letters have changed our lives. Now, before we go into our back story let me explain to you what CBD actually is. Cannabinoids (CBD) is a natural compound that is found in the Marijuana plant. CBD and THC are the two main compounds found in the plant. Unlike THC, CBD is non psychoactive, it has a natural protection against the high you would receive from THC.  So, if you’re looking to get the benefits of the plant without feeling that actual “high”, CBD is the perfect alternative. This can come in many different forms: tinctures, edibles, topicals, oils etc…We choose oils, as it is the purest form.

Pumpkin Patch + Pumpkin Chunkin’

There’s one thing you cannot leave off of a Fall Bucket List and that is a good ole’ pumpkin patch!  Though it may not be the most exciting thing for us adults, the kids absolutely love it! The games, rides, corn mazes, food and picking out the perfect pumpkin. There’s nothing more than I love about going to a festival and getting a fresh bag of kettle corn!  There a plenty of really awesome festivals to choose from throughout the state but we decided to take a short drive up north to Mortimer Farms to check out their pumpkin festival! 

Pumpkin Krispies

It’s officially October! In the Wilson home this means: pumpkin everything, post season baseball and finally cooler weather in the mornings. To us Phoenicians this is HUGE! Two of my three boys love Rice Krispie treats and chocolate, so I decided to make these cute pumpkin shaped treats for the next installment of our Fall Bucket List Series!