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Daily Archives: June 19, 2017

Noah Alexander.


For the many of you who may or may not know. This is Noah. He is our happy, loving, sweet, stubborn, talented 10 year old ( I still can’t believe we have 10 year old!). Noah has ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), he was recently diagnosed just before his 10th birthday. I have never felt more blessed. Yes, blessed. Because the road getting here was not fun, and that’s an understatement. So we are blessed (and I will say it over and over again) that someone finally listened to our concerns. I will be forever thankful that Noah’s third grade teacher crossed our path.

Doggy Emergency.


Here is the other member of our family. Toby. Short for Tobias, he is named after Dr. Tobias Funke, one of our favorite characters from Arrested Development. Those of you who know the show probably just gave a little chuckle. You’re welcome. ANYWAYS, Toby is a purebred Maltese who is five years young. He loves cuddles, treats, sleeping and most importantly HIS DAD. Oh is he a daddy’s boy. His dislikes you ask?? Any stranger. Even if he’s met you and he barely sees you, truth be told he probably doesn’t like you and will let you know. Putting it nicely he’s very “territorial”. Which is unlike a Maltese, but years after we had him we found out that’s what happens to a very spoiled Maltese (I blame Nick).

Father’s Day Twenty-Seventeen


As you saw from the previous post our Father’s Day gift for Nick was a day to himself to do one of his favorite things, he loves a good hike. He always talks about hiking Humphrey’s Peak up in Flagstaff. For legit reasons (*cough,cough* an MS flare) I’ve always been apprehensive, but he apparently caught me on a good day and I agreed. It was also a perfect opportunity for me to just chill and hang out with my boys for the day.