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Daily Archives: June 25, 2017


Both of our boys were born in January, in fact our youngest Jeremiah was a preemie born at 34 weeks. So they’re actually the same age for 8 days (Irish twins) and because of this we have always celebrated their birthdays together. Terribly convenient but I’ve always felt a little guilty since they’ve never been able to have their own special day. We always said that when they turn 10 we will do something special for them. So this year, our first born, Noah turned 10! And where is Noah’s most favorite place ever!? DISNEYLAND! He takes after his Mama because I LOVE DISNEYLAND. So what better way to celebrate his 10th birthday than at the happiest place on Earth!?

Overcoming the Struggle.

For those who do not know me, I routinely enjoy over stepping my bounds. That is my nature and what comes naturally to me. If there are three roads and one is definitely the hardest, I will choose road three exclusively. Growing up, I enjoyed sports and competition which fueled my love of taking on the hardest task, but it could be the other way around? Whatever the matter, I figured my love of overcoming and thriving no matter the case would serve me well in life.