Our Favorite Frozen Butter Beer

I love Fall. The crisp air, the beautiful leaves changing to those amazing fall hues and pumpkin EVERYTHING! Ohhhhhh wait. We live in Phoenix, so unfortunately, the crisp air doesn’t show up until  the end of October for a few hours in the morning. We have to drive 2 hours to see any sort of leaves change. The one thing I know I can count on … is pumpkin everything! I’m okay with that!

Since I love fall so much, and I know we are just that much closer to my most favorite season WINTER, I have decided to do a Fall bucket list series. So, every weekend from now until mid November we are going to showcase a new activity, craft or recipe to inspire your bucket list! 

 First up?? Butter Beer! Our youngest is a HUGE Harry Potter fan and was super stoked when he found out this was at the top of our list. We’ve never been to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter (though, we are planning to make it there after the New Year), many have said that the Butter Beer is a must! Hot, cold, frozen or adult friendly. There are many different ways to make this, I chose frozen. As this is the only appropriate way to make a drink in Phoenix “Fall.”

I love this recipe because it’s quick and easy. You need three ingredients and maybe 10 minutes of your time. Recipe is as follows: 

• 16 ounces of Cream Soda

• 1 Tablespoon of Butterscotch

•1 Tablespoon of Ice Cream

•add 2 cups of ice

If you want to make this adult friendly, add an ounce of Butterscotch Schnapps!

Enough for 2 servings

(I did experiment with a few different ways. And this was our favorite!)

I also added to this recipe, with some homemade Whipped Cream to top. This is also really easy to make!

•1 Cup of Heavy Whipping Cream

•2 Tablespoons of Sugar

•1 Teaspoon of Vanilla Extract

Put these 3 ingredients into a bowl, use a hand mixer with a whisk attachment and whisk for about 2 minutes, or until soft peaks form. After I got the desired mixture, I put the bowl into the fridge to cool. In the meantime, back to the Butter Beer. For this, all you need is a blender, add ingredients and blend on high for about 30 seconds (Or until ice is completely blended). Pour into your desired glass (maybe a frosty mug that was in your freezer!), top with whipped cream and drizzle Butterscotch on top!

The Butter Beer was a hit and we are looking forward to making this again in our warm Phoenix Fall. Leave a comment with your favorite recipes!

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Tiffani Wilson

Hi! We’re Nick and Tiffani! Just your average parents trying to raise a child on the spectrum as well as his Neurotypical bro. Here you will get a little bit of everything … Travel, DIY, Recipes, Special Needs Parenting and everything in between! Thank you for taking the time to read up on some of the craziness that ensues our home!


  1. Lindsey | 5th Sep 17

    I love this! Took a screenshot of it and I can’t wait to try it! Thanks for sharing!

  2. Andrea Lynch | 7th Sep 17

    I love this! My daughter became a huge HP fan last year and would go nuts for this, I’m sure! I think butter beer is on the menu for dessert tomorrow night!

  3. Tiffani Wilson | 7th Sep 17

    Hope you enjoy! It’s really yummy!

  4. Tiffani Wilson | 7th Sep 17

    My son is obsessed with Harry Potter too! He loved it!

  5. Melissa | 7th Sep 17

    My oldest daughter and I are huge geeks for harry potter. We also seriously love cream soda, can’t wait to try this recipe. Thank you for sharing. Have you ever tried the fudge? so good.

  6. Ashley | 7th Sep 17

    My daughter loves root beer floats, cream soda, and Harry Potter. You hit the perfect combination for her! Thank you for sharing.

  7. madison | 7th Sep 17

    Love this! this is the simplest recipe I have ever seen. I am gluten-free and the other recipes were so convoluted that i could never figure it out, but then again i was probably not looking at the frozen option. thanks! now if could get my 13 yo daughter as excited about harry potter as i am.!

  8. Tiffani Wilson | 9th Sep 17

    butter beer fudge?! sounds amazing! Definitely gonna have to try it out!

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