About Last Night.

Friends. About last night. It was hard. Seriously, astronomically difficult. I know what you’re thinking, “really, Tiff, astronomically?? You may be going a bit overboard here.” Okay, you’re probably right, but my goodness. When we first decided to write this blog, we thought why not do a lifestyle one! You know, have some family stories, recipes, DIY projects, travel, etc. I promise at some point those will all make its way onto the blog. Right now, though, Autism. This is something, in the most recent months, that has consumed our lives. Now, hear me out, I don’t mean “consumed” in a bad way. This comes with all sorts of emotions.

Back to last night. We had a major meltdown. Lately, these have consisted of some pretty gnarly ones. Noah, like pretty much all ASD kiddos I am sure, has this thing that once he focuses on something he literally cannot let it go. Seriously cannot. It always stems around something he wants, which to others makes him look like he’s a spoiled brat. Which, yes, we all have our moments. But when it really comes down to it, he’s not. It’s really difficult to explain without getting very detailed, but basically it’ll start with one thing and then five other things will get thrown in the midst of the meltdown. The most exhausting part of this is, right when you think you’ve got it taken care of, it’s starts alllllllllll over again. It’s like spraining your ankle, literally right before you cross that finish line, now you have to fix that situation.


We do nothing but bend over backwards for him, to either prevent or fix a meltdown, and we’re tired. Don’t get me wrong, Noah is one of the sweetest kids in the world. I can’t count how many “I love you, Smooch” (yes, he calls me smooch) I get in a day! But he’s very literal, when a neuro typical child may storm off to their room and think about how you’re the meanest mom in the world, Noah will tell you straight to your face. Which can hurt.  I, personally, don’t get upset when he does that because that’s the only way he knows. No matter how hard you try to teach him what’s right and what’s wrong. Then, before you know, you have objects flying at your head and you’re taking every thing out his room before something gets broken. This doesn’t happen daily, sometimes not even weekly, but it happens. Like I said, sweetest kid in the world, just doesn’t always know how to express himself appropriately when he’s upset.

That was last night. The first couple hours were just constant problems, then as it got later he was getting more tired. So I would get him into bed but then something else would come up and that had to be fixed. Ultimately, he wore himself out and just fell asleep. Most of the time there is no issue, we usually just give him dates and times to expect something but last night, that didn’t cut it. Ultimately, it will turn into this.

Honestly, I am not really sure where I am going with this post. I just feel like I needed to let that out. Not for attention or pity just to let you know that us ASD parents, we try really hard. I mean really hard to to teach our kiddos how to use appropriate reactions to certain situations and no matter how we try, sometimes it turns into a meltdown. Not just at home, but in public too. Ohhhh man, that’s a whole other story, because that comes with the judgement and the stares too. Which are really fun. LOL.

Hopefully, the other posts will squeeze their way in soon. But in the meantime. Autism.

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Tiffani Wilson

Hi! We’re Nick and Tiffani! Just your average parents trying to raise a child on the spectrum as well as his Neurotypical bro. Here you will get a little bit of everything … Travel, DIY, Recipes, Special Needs Parenting and everything in between! Thank you for taking the time to read up on some of the craziness that ensues our home!


  1. Sharayah | 15th Jul 17

    Tiffani, thanks for sharing your experience with the world. You are such an inspiration! I’m sure writing this was therapeutic, but make sure you are taking care of yourself as well. I’m sure there are numerous support groups for parents of children with Autism. ❤️

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