Our Favorite Toothbrush.

Noah has always had sensory issues with his mouth. Let’s just say going to the Dentist has been one of our hardest struggles. Going to the dentist with Noah has always been a two man job. He didn’t want to have anything to with it, and it was basically the end of the world when it was that time of year. This also came to the daily task of brushing his teeth. It was a daily fight and we had to figure a different route.

It wasn’t until this past Christmas time that I was browsing Amazon (which I will do often) and I was looking up some sensory toys to get Noah. Lo and behold I came across a 3 sided toothbrush! I immediately became intrigued, could this be the answer to our daily struggle!?

So Christmas came and went and it was time to try out that awesome new toothbrush (I was obviously more excited than he was)! I sat there with him and we argued for a few minutes, but he eventually caved in (the pic above was the first time he used it!). OMG he brushed like a CHAMP! It was unlike anything I have ever seen, a complete breath of fresh air. It has been so much better since we’ve started using this toothbrush (we obviously still have our moments), but I would say it’s been about 85% better since this toothbrush came into our lives. Which is a huge accomplishment in the Wilson house!

Because I love this toothbrush so much, I have provided a link so you all can take a peek and try it out for yourselves! I think any child would benefit from a 3 sided toothbrush, to make sure they get all of their teeth cleaned well!

DenTrust 3-Sided Toothbrush :: Specialty Toothbrush for AUTISM & Special Needs :: Autistic ASD :: Made In USA

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