Body Boss. (Week 1)

Being a mom, at some point, I think we’ve all gotten to that place where we get busy. Busy taking care of kids and our spouses, that we lose touch with ourselves. That’s where I have landed. I’ve never been the super skinny girl on the block (like ever) and my weight has definitely yo-yo’d pretty much my entire life. The last time I felt really good about myself was probably 4 years ago when I was clean eating and working out. I’m ready for that again, but I don’t have the monthly funds to join a gym or boot camp that have a hefty price, so I found this workout for a great price and I can do it from home!

I’ve been doing some research and I’ve always been interested in trying a HIIT workout (High Intensity Interval Training). I needed something I can do from home and I found the Body Boss Method! This plan is fantastic! It’s a 12 week HIIT program that you can do from home or pretty much anywhere! The book lays out a series of workouts by the week and each day gives you something new to focus on.  I just finished with week one and I’m not gonna lie, it was a struggle in the beginning. Those Sumo Squats are killer! But I am so thankful that I started it! I am incorporating clean eating back into my diet and after just a week of the program, I can feel the workouts getting easier and I have a lot more energy that lasts throughout my entire day!

As a mom, I think it’s important we take some of that focus we put on our family back into us. In return, we can give so much more to our children and spouses. Stay posted, as I plan on documenting my journey with this wonderful program!

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