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If there is one thing I have learned about being a special needs parent. It’s CHANGE. Be prepared for it. No matter how hard you try to avoid it. It’s gonna happen. I went to one elementary school from K-8th grade. I liked it. That’s what I always wanted for my boys, it’s how I grew friendships and  established relationships. Having grown up that way, I feel that it is very important. I want my kids to go to high school with their elementary school friends and make new ones along the way. Though,  I have come to learn and accept that’s not the reality of our lives. To cater to Noah, we have been through 7 schools and we’re only in 4th grade. I know, you’re right, how could we go through that many schools. Don’t you know how bad that is, not just for your child with ASD but for your neurotypical kiddo as well?? Yes, I do. And you’re absolutely right. I promise it was all with good intentions. We were just trying to make it right for Noah, because we knew Jeremiah could adapt. I’ve learned that having a child on the spectrum or a child with any special needs, that’s just your reality. You need to fight and make it right for them, because in the long run who’s gonna do it for you. That’s why there’s been so much change.

Our story, and why we choose CBD.

Three simple letters. CBD. These three letters have changed our lives. Now, before we go into our back story let me explain to you what CBD actually is. Cannabinoids (CBD) is a natural compound that is found in the Marijuana plant. CBD and THC are the two main compounds found in the plant. Unlike THC, CBD is non psychoactive, it has a natural protection against the high you would receive from THC.  So, if you’re looking to get the benefits of the plant without feeling that actual “high”, CBD is the perfect alternative. This can come in many different forms: tinctures, edibles, topicals, oils etc…We choose oils, as it is the purest form.

Missing the Y.

Friends. I live with all boys. Like, they’re there alllllllll the timeeeeee. I’ve come to accept that there is no way around this thing! Thank goodness they’re cute! Seriously, look at this pic, I’ve got some pretty handsome dudes in my life! I’m getting off track, back to the topic at hand. Boys. I LOVE being a hashtag boy mom, but I seriously did not prepare myself for what comes a long with it. The two littles aren’t even teens yet! (Who knows what the big ones excuse is) These are my top must haves to know and how to survive the “Y” chromosome!

About Last Night.

Friends. About last night. It was hard. Seriously, astronomically difficult. I know what you’re thinking, “really, Tiff, astronomically?? You may be going a bit overboard here.” Okay, you’re probably right, but my goodness. When we first decided to write this blog, we thought why not do a lifestyle one! You know, have some family stories, recipes, DIY projects, travel, etc. I promise at some point those will all make its way onto the blog. Right now, though, Autism. This is something, in the most recent months, that has consumed our lives. Now, hear me out, I don’t mean “consumed” in a bad way. This comes with all sorts of emotions.


So let’s take a minute to talk about this guy. He was born at 34 weeks,spent 9 days in the NICU with underdeveloped lungs, and was a little fighter his first year. Just before he turned one he came down with a pretty gnarly case of RSV, after many visits to the pediatrician, was hospitalized for a little over a week. Since then, this kid has been full of vim and vinegar. He’s the cool kid. The one that wants to make everyone laugh. Full of sarcasm. Very independent. Loves a good hug. Can be very loving, on his own time. Tends to feel like he gets lost in his brother’s shadow (which we do our very best not to let happen).LOVES the Steelers (even though he’s alone on that one in our house)! He also told us when he gets older he’s going to move to Hawaii and be a bachelor the rest of his life. Hey, as long as we have a place to stay that’s totally cool with us 😉

Overcoming the Struggle.

For those who do not know me, I routinely enjoy over stepping my bounds. That is my nature and what comes naturally to me. If there are three roads and one is definitely the hardest, I will choose road three exclusively. Growing up, I enjoyed sports and competition which fueled my love of taking on the hardest task, but it could be the other way around? Whatever the matter, I figured my love of overcoming and thriving no matter the case would serve me well in life.

Doggy Emergency.


Here is the other member of our family. Toby. Short for Tobias, he is named after Dr. Tobias Funke, one of our favorite characters from Arrested Development. Those of you who know the show probably just gave a little chuckle. You’re welcome. ANYWAYS, Toby is a purebred Maltese who is five years young. He loves cuddles, treats, sleeping and most importantly HIS DAD. Oh is he a daddy’s boy. His dislikes you ask?? Any stranger. Even if he’s met you and he barely sees you, truth be told he probably doesn’t like you and will let you know. Putting it nicely he’s very “territorial”. Which is unlike a Maltese, but years after we had him we found out that’s what happens to a very spoiled Maltese (I blame Nick).

Meet Us.

Welcome! We’re the Wilson’s! Nick, Tiffani, Noah and Jeremiah. We love our DIY projects.hiking.just life in general. We’re raising two young dudes to become rad adults. Here you will see what it’s like to be a Wilson. No holding back. Just like everyone else we have the “good”, the “bad”, and the “I’m sorry, what just happened here??” Thanks for taking the time to read up on our lives, as it can get pretty interesting! Enjoy!