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When You Have Too Many Leftover M&M’s …. Bake Cookies!


Today is just one of those days. It’s Friday, very cloudy with a little rain, Noah had a Thanksgiving Potluck at school followed by early release and both boys are off school all next week! I am actually super stoked because 1.) I am really looking forward to spending the week with the boys and 2.) I spend a little over 2 hours every morning getting both kids to school, and I am looking forward to using my time otherwise. So, fast forward to after lunch, driving home and Nick not so subtly asked if I could bake some cookies when we got home. (What can I say, he had a hankerin’) I am a sucker for baking on a cloudy day (and for him!) so of course I was more than happy to!

Pumpkin Krispies

It’s officially October! In the Wilson home this means: pumpkin everything, post season baseball and finally cooler weather in the mornings. To us Phoenicians this is HUGE! Two of my three boys love Rice Krispie treats and chocolate, so I decided to make these cute pumpkin shaped treats for the next installment of our Fall Bucket List Series!

When life gives you apples… make pie!

Baking an apple pie has always been a must have on our Fall Bucket List. I’ve always pictured taking a drive on a beautiful, crisp Fall morning and go apple picking. Then bring our pickings home and bake a beautiful pie. Can you picture it? Now fast forward that amazing picture to this morning. We live in Phoenix. It’s hot. The closest apple orchard to us is 3 hours and 15 minutes away in Wilcox.


Caramel Apples

Next up on our Fall Bucket List Series, caramel apples. I love, love, love caramel apples. Though, they are sooooo difficult to eat, very messy and sticky! So, I decided to use apple slices. It’s much easier to eat, and you’re not committed to the full apple. I don’t know about you, but I never finish the whole thing!

Our Favorite Frozen Butter Beer

I love Fall. The crisp air, the beautiful leaves changing to those amazing fall hues and pumpkin EVERYTHING! Ohhhhhh wait. We live in Phoenix, so unfortunately, the crisp air doesn’t show up until  the end of October for a few hours in the morning. We have to drive 2 hours to see any sort of leaves change. The one thing I know I can count on … is pumpkin everything! I’m okay with that!

Since I love fall so much, and I know we are just that much closer to my most favorite season WINTER, I have decided to do a Fall bucket list series. So, every weekend from now until mid November we are going to showcase a new activity, craft or recipe to inspire your bucket list! 

Vitamin Sea… Part … Food.

I know what you’re thinking. Can you really take one post to only talk about food?? Okay friends. If you know us, we love food. I mean LOVE food. We love going to restaurants. We treat it as an experience, and plan our vacations around where we are going to eat. So yes, I can totally make a post about allllll the food. Here are our favorite places to eat on the island! 

Quinoa Chicken Nuggets.

I’m sure many of you ASD moms know, that having a child on the spectrum, sensory issues are huge. Especially when it comes to breakfast, lunch and dinner. Noah is all about chicken nuggets, like it’s pretty much a staple here in the Wilson house. As much chicken nuggets as he eats, I knew I couldn’t constantly give him processed nuggets. I needed to figure out a healthier option. In comes Quinoa Chicken Nuggets. I always get worried trying new things, because Noah will literally know if I change the brand of nuggets and he will not eat them. So it’s always a bit stressful when I try something different.