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Everything You Need to Know about Glorietta Bay Inn

It’s no surprise that Nick and I love Coronado Island. The last time we went was this year back in the beginning of August. This was the first time we were able to experience Coronado in its entirety, and realized that when we visit the San Diego area we don’t want to stay anywhere else. Coronado Island is a quaint and charming beach community with the most beautiful homes and amazing hotel options for your stay!



If there is one thing I have learned about being a special needs parent. It’s CHANGE. Be prepared for it. No matter how hard you try to avoid it. It’s gonna happen. I went to one elementary school from K-8th grade. I liked it. That’s what I always wanted for my boys, it’s how I grew friendships and  established relationships. Having grown up that way, I feel that it is very important. I want my kids to go to high school with their elementary school friends and make new ones along the way. Though,  I have come to learn and accept that’s not the reality of our lives. To cater to Noah, we have been through 7 schools and we’re only in 4th grade. I know, you’re right, how could we go through that many schools. Don’t you know how bad that is, not just for your child with ASD but for your neurotypical kiddo as well?? Yes, I do. And you’re absolutely right. I promise it was all with good intentions. We were just trying to make it right for Noah, because we knew Jeremiah could adapt. I’ve learned that having a child on the spectrum or a child with any special needs, that’s just your reality. You need to fight and make it right for them, because in the long run who’s gonna do it for you. That’s why there’s been so much change.

Pumpkin Krispies

It’s officially October! In the Wilson home this means: pumpkin everything, post season baseball and finally cooler weather in the mornings. To us Phoenicians this is HUGE! Two of my three boys love Rice Krispie treats and chocolate, so I decided to make these cute pumpkin shaped treats for the next installment of our Fall Bucket List Series!

Fall Printables


Who doesn’t love FREE PRINTABLES?!? I decided to design a few for this lovely Fall season! Enjoy!




Feel free to download and enjoy! Looking forward to making more for the upcoming Holiday season!

Finding Zen.

**Update** Before you read further, I just wanted to add that our days in the Wilson home have gotten SO much better! We have spoken to some amazing people at Seeds for Autism and SARCC. And are planning on joining some support groups in the area.  The help we have gotten, so far, has done some pretty awesome things, and we are very hopeful for what the future brings. -Tiff

Nick here … As most of you know we have had a hard go at it lately. I just wanted to state that my wife and child are my world. Having said that, there are times I can see why the divorce rate is so high amongst parents with special needs children. Most parents will have different parenting styles and this is typically not an issue with your average child. But this also rears it’s ugly head when you have a child, who in our case, has Autism and can have some pretty exhausting tantrums.

Chore Chart.

Morning, friends! As you know, we’ve had some struggles in our house lately. Not gonna lie, Nick and I can be pretty stubborn and I think we both got to the point where we needed help. Rather than just constantly researching, we needed to hear it from peers who have experienced this first hand. So we got in contact with some incredibly knowledgeable people from Seeds for Autism and SARRC (Southwest Autism Research and Resource Center) and spent close to an hour on the phone with each place just talking about what we are going through and having someone on the other end who has experienced it as well. 

Body Boss. (Week 1)

Being a mom, at some point, I think we’ve all gotten to that place where we get busy. Busy taking care of kids and our spouses, that we lose touch with ourselves. That’s where I have landed. I’ve never been the super skinny girl on the block (like ever) and my weight has definitely yo-yo’d pretty much my entire life. The last time I felt really good about myself was probably 4 years ago when I was clean eating and working out. I’m ready for that again, but I don’t have the monthly funds to join a gym or boot camp that have a hefty price, so I found this workout for a great price and I can do it from home!