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Everything You Need to Know about Glorietta Bay Inn

It’s no surprise that Nick and I love Coronado Island. The last time we went was this year back in the beginning of August. This was the first time we were able to experience Coronado in its entirety, and realized that when we visit the San Diego area we don’t want to stay anywhere else. Coronado Island is a quaint and charming beach community with the most beautiful homes and amazing hotel options for your stay!

Vitamin Sea… Part … Food.

I know what you’re thinking. Can you really take one post to only talk about food?? Okay friends. If you know us, we love food. I mean LOVE food. We love going to restaurants. We treat it as an experience, and plan our vacations around where we are going to eat. So yes, I can totally make a post about allllll the food. Here are our favorite places to eat on the island! 

Vitamin Sea. Part 2.


I totally get why they say, Vitamin “Sea.” There is something about the ocean that truly is settling to the mind. Whether it be the crashing of the waves, the smell of salt water, the cool breeze going through your entire body or all three! For me it’s the latter. It doesn’t matter whether we have the kids or not,  there is something so amazing and calming about being near or on the beach. It’s a place where I could sit all day and truly be lazy, whether I am watching the boys play in the sand or it’s just Nick and I walking, collecting sea shells (which we totally did this time). Okay, now I wanna go back. 

Vitamin Sea. Part 1.


Nick and I don’t get out of town by ourselves much. The last time the two of us were away by ourselves was 2012. I remember it vividly we went to Vegas for 3 glorious days. So fast forward to 2 weeks ago when, I had just left the kids with their babysitter and headed to work. I call Nick as I am pulling out of the driveway (my normal routine) and he says he has a “surprise” for me. Now when someone says, “I have a surprise for you,” your typical reaction is to get all sorts of giddy with lots of anticipation. Mine wasn’t, and not because I am a horrible person, but Nick tends to over use the word “surprise.” It turns into, “Tiff! I have a surprise for you!” then here comes the giddy with lots of anticipation, right?? But then he’ll tell me my Amazon package (which I was already expecting) came in. Cue the let down music, wha wha whaaaaaaaaa. This happens quite often, so you can see why I wasn’t excited whatsoever. But then he tells me, we have a sitter set so the two of us can take a 3 day weekend to Coronado Island. I’m more than positive my next words were “Shut the Front Door!” Not gonna lie, that phrase may have been a bit different at the moment. Don’t judge me, I was so stoked!


Both of our boys were born in January, in fact our youngest Jeremiah was a preemie born at 34 weeks. So they’re actually the same age for 8 days (Irish twins) and because of this we have always celebrated their birthdays together. Terribly convenient but I’ve always felt a little guilty since they’ve never been able to have their own special day. We always said that when they turn 10 we will do something special for them. So this year, our first born, Noah turned 10! And where is Noah’s most favorite place ever!? DISNEYLAND! He takes after his Mama because I LOVE DISNEYLAND. So what better way to celebrate his 10th birthday than at the happiest place on Earth!?

Humphrey’s Peak

So, Nick here…I have an awesome wife, and for Father’s Day she let me go fulfill one of my Bucket List accomplishments. I love hiking and the sense of nature I get from hiking. An added bonus is that you will meet some very nice people. We live in Arizona and I have always wanted to hike Mount Humphrey’s, which is the highest point in Arizona, and is about 2-1/2 hours from where we live.