Doggy Emergency.


Here is the other member of our family. Toby. Short for Tobias, he is named after Dr. Tobias Funke, one of our favorite characters from Arrested Development. Those of you who know the show probably just gave a little chuckle. You’re welcome. ANYWAYS, Toby is a purebred Maltese who is five years young. He loves cuddles, treats, sleeping and most importantly HIS DAD. Oh is he a daddy’s boy. His dislikes you ask?? Any stranger. Even if he’s met you and he barely sees you, truth be told he probably doesn’t like you and will let you know. Putting it nicely he’s very “territorial”. Which is unlike a Maltese, but years after we had him we found out that’s what happens to a very spoiled Maltese (I blame Nick).

There’s two places we can go to where Toby won’t get all “territorial” and that’s the Groomer and the Vet. Unfortunately we had to visit the Vet this past Friday because, a person who shall remain nameless, adjusted himself on the couch and accidentally sat on Toby. I’ll give you hint, it wasn’t me. After a couple days of yelping when he was picked up we decided it was time to go. After a doggy X-Ray we found out that Toby has a bulging disc in his lower spine. He is now on an Anti-Inflammatory and boy does he take his meds like a champ! He seems to be improving, though we’re still careful when we pick him up. We’re just glad he’s feeling better, and a certain someone says they’ll be much more careful when they sit on the couch 😉



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