Missing the Y.

Friends. I live with all boys. Like, they’re there alllllllll the timeeeeee. I’ve come to accept that there is no way around this thing! Thank goodness they’re cute! Seriously, look at this pic, I’ve got some pretty handsome dudes in my life! I’m getting off track, back to the topic at hand. Boys. I LOVE being a hashtag boy mom, but I seriously did not prepare myself for what comes a long with it. The two littles aren’t even teens yet! (Who knows what the big ones excuse is) These are my top must haves to know and how to survive the “Y” chromosome!

– Learn to embrace pee one the toilet. There’s nothing I love more than waking up after a good nights sleep, go to empty your bladder and sitting on pee. You would think, how hard is it for a nine and ten your old to just lift the seat?? Oh, in the Wilson household, it’s pretty damn difficult. After daily talks and demonstrations, you think it would sink in, nahhhhhh they got this! Right? Wrong! I’m proud to say that when I wake up in the morning, I still sit on pee. #momwin.

Who didn’t flush the toilet?!? Oh, you think the bathroom problems end there?!? Nope. I’ve realized living with boys, that the little silver lever on the back of the toilet seat in clearly invisible. I mean, that has to be it. Because it never gets used! You know that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you walk into a bathroom that smells like pee? Oh wait. That’s just me?? Seriously, if I had a dollar for every time I asked who didn’t flush the toilet and then hear it wasn’t me , I’d be on a plane to Bora Bora for a month long vacation. Hmmm, I think I may start a fund jar, now!

Boy Fights. Nothing makes a mom happier than listening to her two children in a scream match. Right!?! Oh, just me again?? Now, it never starts out this way. Usually, Noah will make Jeremiah mad, on purpose too. Then Noah sits back and laughs and then it’s alllll overrrr. I used to be the ref for these matches, yeahhhh I don’t do that anymore. They have to work it out themselves. Now obviously, I listen and if it gets to a certain point I will stop it, but usually they work it out. Oh, but this is not just limited to real fights. In steps Dad with the play fighting. Now, I am all for this, I love father/son bonding time. BUT whenever Dad steps in something gets taken way to far and it ends up in crying. Seriously, it’s like Whhhyyyyyyyyy. Here comes Mom to pick up the pieces!

– Gross Jokes. I have a pretty good sense of humor. I like a good sarcastic joke. But, short and simple. Boys think fart jokes are HILARIOUS. I don’t get it. Probably never will.

I love my boys. I love raising them. There are SO many other things that can be added to this list! This is just what the Wilson household deals with on the daily! I’d love to hear your stories and you survive the “Y”! Ladies, this includes your man too!

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