Noah Alexander.


For the many of you who may or may not know. This is Noah. He is our happy, loving, sweet, stubborn, talented 10 year old ( I still can’t believe we have 10 year old!). Noah has ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), he was recently diagnosed just before his 10th birthday. I have never felt more blessed. Yes, blessed. Because the road getting here was not fun, and that’s an understatement. So we are blessed (and I will say it over and over again) that someone finally listened to our concerns. I will be forever thankful that Noah’s third grade teacher crossed our path.



This diagnosis has been long coming, and it’s something we’ve always known. So how come it took so long to get a diagnosis you ask? Good question. We’ve always stressed our concerns with Doctors and Teachers for years, but we were always told don’t worry he’ll catch up. So you think, okay? I’m being told this by Doctors, Teachers and the person in charge of the special needs program, they obviously know what they’re talking about, right?? Wrong. I thought I pushed hard, but I should’ve pushed harder. Thankfully, this past school finally listened. It was a breath of fresh air. By the end of the first week of school his teacher brought to us her concern. After months of many meetings, tests, observations the school psychologist finally came to us with a moderate to high functioning Autism diagnosis. So the next step was to move Noah to a program, within the school district, that would best fit his needs. We’ve always been really nervous about sending Noah to school, because it’s never been an easy feat (explaining why your child is the way he is gets tiring and redundant 😉 ) . Until now. He’s in a school that offers an ASD program that has done wonders for him. He loves school now, he loves his teachers, we’re working on friends (it’s not his strong suit) and he is getting straight A’s. Yes, he does the exact same school work as his peers, just in a smaller setting that doesn’t give him a major sensory overload like the other classes.

I know this is a very short snippet of 10 years, but if I went into every little detail we could be here for a while. So, baby steps 😉 #differentnotless


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