Our Favorite Toothbrush.

Noah has always had sensory issues with his mouth. Let’s just say going to the Dentist has been one of our hardest struggles. Going to the dentist with Noah has always been a two man job. He didn’t want to have anything to with it, and it was basically the end of the world when it was that time of year. This also came to the daily task of brushing his teeth. It was a daily fight and we had to figure a different route.

Quinoa Chicken Nuggets.

I’m sure many of you ASD moms know, that having a child on the spectrum, sensory issues are huge. Especially when it comes to breakfast, lunch and dinner. Noah is all about chicken nuggets, like it’s pretty much a staple here in the Wilson house. As much chicken nuggets as he eats, I knew I couldn’t constantly give him processed nuggets. I needed to figure out a healthier option. In comes Quinoa Chicken Nuggets. I always get worried trying new things, because Noah will literally know if I change the brand of nuggets and he will not eat them. So it’s always a bit stressful when I try something different.

Body Boss. (Week 1)

Being a mom, at some point, I think we’ve all gotten to that place where we get busy. Busy taking care of kids and our spouses, that we lose touch with ourselves. That’s where I have landed. I’ve never been the super skinny girl on the block (like ever) and my weight has definitely yo-yo’d pretty much my entire life. The last time I felt really good about myself was probably 4 years ago when I was clean eating and working out. I’m ready for that again, but I don’t have the monthly funds to join a gym or boot camp that have a hefty price, so I found this workout for a great price and I can do it from home!


So let’s take a minute to talk about this guy. He was born at 34 weeks,spent 9 days in the NICU with underdeveloped lungs, and was a little fighter his first year. Just before he turned one he came down with a pretty gnarly case of RSV, after many visits to the pediatrician, was hospitalized for a little over a week. Since then, this kid has been full of vim and vinegar. He’s the cool kid. The one that wants to make everyone laugh. Full of sarcasm. Very independent. Loves a good hug. Can be very loving, on his own time. Tends to feel like he gets lost in his brother’s shadow (which we do our very best not to let happen).LOVES the Steelers (even though he’s alone on that one in our house)! He also told us when he gets older he’s going to move to Hawaii and be a bachelor the rest of his life. Hey, as long as we have a place to stay that’s totally cool with us 😉


Both of our boys were born in January, in fact our youngest Jeremiah was a preemie born at 34 weeks. So they’re actually the same age for 8 days (Irish twins) and because of this we have always celebrated their birthdays together. Terribly convenient but I’ve always felt a little guilty since they’ve never been able to have their own special day. We always said that when they turn 10 we will do something special for them. So this year, our first born, Noah turned 10! And where is Noah’s most favorite place ever!? DISNEYLAND! He takes after his Mama because I LOVE DISNEYLAND. So what better way to celebrate his 10th birthday than at the happiest place on Earth!?

Overcoming the Struggle.

For those who do not know me, I routinely enjoy over stepping my bounds. That is my nature and what comes naturally to me. If there are three roads and one is definitely the hardest, I will choose road three exclusively. Growing up, I enjoyed sports and competition which fueled my love of taking on the hardest task, but it could be the other way around? Whatever the matter, I figured my love of overcoming and thriving no matter the case would serve me well in life.

Polished Peanut.


Young Living. Herbalife. Isagenix. It Works. Lipsense. Mary Kay. Younique. Any Instagram or Etsy Shop. The list could seriously go on and on. When I hear about these businesses one word comes to mind. Freedom. Financial freedom. Freedom to wake your babies up. Freedom to make them breakfast, lunch and dinner. Freedom to take a vacation you normally wouldn’t because it just didn’t work out. Freedom to not have to go to a traditional nine to five. I don’t know about you, but if I had the opportunity to achieve this I would jump on it. See this cutie above?? That’s my neech. She has been the inspiration behind a new venture my sister has decided to partake in, Polished Peanut.

Noah Alexander.


For the many of you who may or may not know. This is Noah. He is our happy, loving, sweet, stubborn, talented 10 year old ( I still can’t believe we have 10 year old!). Noah has ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder), he was recently diagnosed just before his 10th birthday. I have never felt more blessed. Yes, blessed. Because the road getting here was not fun, and that’s an understatement. So we are blessed (and I will say it over and over again) that someone finally listened to our concerns. I will be forever thankful that Noah’s third grade teacher crossed our path.

Doggy Emergency.


Here is the other member of our family. Toby. Short for Tobias, he is named after Dr. Tobias Funke, one of our favorite characters from Arrested Development. Those of you who know the show probably just gave a little chuckle. You’re welcome. ANYWAYS, Toby is a purebred Maltese who is five years young. He loves cuddles, treats, sleeping and most importantly HIS DAD. Oh is he a daddy’s boy. His dislikes you ask?? Any stranger. Even if he’s met you and he barely sees you, truth be told he probably doesn’t like you and will let you know. Putting it nicely he’s very “territorial”. Which is unlike a Maltese, but years after we had him we found out that’s what happens to a very spoiled Maltese (I blame Nick).

Father’s Day Twenty-Seventeen


As you saw from the previous post our Father’s Day gift for Nick was a day to himself to do one of his favorite things, he loves a good hike. He always talks about hiking Humphrey’s Peak up in Flagstaff. For legit reasons (*cough,cough* an MS flare) I’ve always been apprehensive, but he apparently caught me on a good day and I agreed. It was also a perfect opportunity for me to just chill and hang out with my boys for the day.