The Many Times We’ve Tried Sports.


I bet you’re wondering what’s going on in this picture? Well let me explain. It was a beautiful fall morning. Noah was 3, so circa 2010. This was his very first time in a team sport and his very first game. We chose soccer because Noah LOVED to run, in fact he still does. For the first maybe 15 minutes he did great! Was super into it, then comes after the little halftime. This takes us back to the picture, his coach was calling him back in with this whole team. “Hey, Noah! Let’s play!” Noah, “NOOOOOOOOOOOO!!” I literally could not have planned out this picture any more perfect! It is and will always be one of my favorites!

Out of the two, Noah is the definitely the more athletic one, as much as Jeremiah tries, it just comes more naturally to him. His hand eye coordination is crazy. He loves to play basketball, baseball, football, soccer and tennis. His teacher told us, when he wants to play, the kids always pick him for soccer at recess because he kicks the ball really well. Whenever we hear little things like this, it makes our hearts happy. You always have that fear for what it’s actually like for your child at recess. Unfortunately, we’ve never had the best luck when it comes to team sports. Noah tried and did really well, but he always had a hard time with his teammates. Social skills are not his strong suit and kids just don’t get him (which is no one’s fault). The older he got, the worse it got.

I will never forget the very last time he ever played on a team. He was playing little league, in the Spring of 2016. The most heartbreaking thing is when your kid has to warm up with his dad because no one wants to be his partner. I’m telling you, it’s one of the hardest things to watch (and I may or may not have a tear in my eye right now). As a parent, you want to go out there and make a kid play catch with him, but you can’t. You’re literally stuck watching the other kids bond and he tries, but they look at him weird. I remember the last game he played. He was on 2nd base, the batter hit the ball straight to short stop. Boom, Noah was out. Then comes the meltdown, oh boy was it a doozy. He was so mad because he thought his own teammate hit it straight to short stop, so he could get him out on purpose (at the time, you’re like “really Noah???”), I can’t help but chuckle now because that’s totally not what happened LOL. No matter what, we have always made the boys finish a season out because we don’t want them to give up. But this was Noah’s last game, he didn’t even finish out the season. It had become too much at that point, the kids didn’t understand him, the coaches didn’t understand him. The hard part was, we didn’t have an official diagnosis, so there was no having a talk with the coaches to explain why Noah is the way he is. The stares and whispers were enough for us.

I miss sports, so now that we have the official diagnosis, we are gonna sign him for the Special Olympics. They offer so many team sports and Noah is really looking forward to playing Basketball this next season! He loves to play and I am so excited to see him happy again and hopefully make some special bonds too! I will keep everyone posted once we start!

(Scroll through to see some more pics of his very game! I miss that baby face!) 

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  1. Nick Wilson | 9th Jul 17

    Nick here…

    This post reminds me of a valid point in all youth sports. The Coach for the baseball team was a very nice guy. He enjoyed the game and helping young kids become better at the game, which is ideal for sports at this age. I remember that he would become very silent when other kids would heckle Noah, give him a hard time, or share a laugh at his expense.

    I saw it a few times and it was incredibly frustrating and emotional as it is hard to help kids understand the differences all children have. This is also something that every child’s parents should teach, but anyone who has a special needs child will know this struggle as there will always be TONS of kids who love to make fun of the differences rather than reaching a hand out and helping said special needs kid.

    While I know it is asking a lot of a little league coach to have the knowledge and command of the team to notice this and coach kids on something that is much larger than the game, it is almost infuriating from the parent’s perspective. Having said that, I firmly believe it is all of our duties as humans to reach out a hand and help those who sometimes cannot help themselves. Whether this be aiding the child themselves or helping the parents, a simple act or gesture can be the world of difference for that child’s life.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I hope that we can all learn to overcome our differences and celebrate our many different talents. Sometimes the smallest of acts can have the largest of impacts and all it takes is our time and/or our attention.

    While the Coach was in a hard spot and did not understand that he was getting a life lesson to teach the rest of his teammates, his reluctance to see the situation and bring it to light so the other kids would learn from it really made a hard situation almost impossible. Never underestimate yourself and be cognizant of situations and you could really help out a child’s life.

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