Twas the first day of 2018 …

The new year. A time to start over, to write your new chapter. You’re on a high because maybe last year wasn’t as forgiving as you’d have liked. So you have nothing but good thoughts and keep holding out for hope of what this new year will bring. So you reflect and take a look at your last year and come up with resolutions and ways you can make a positive change for the better. I love the new year for this reason. I love change and I think it’s a necessity and I admire anyone who acknowledges their need for change.

Now, before we go any further, this is not a post particularly about resolutions. Nor a post about change. So you’re probably thinking why?? How does this tie together?? Trust me it does.

Now let’s rewind, 2 weeks ago to NYE 2017. Nick was recovering from a gnarly stomach bug that he had the day before.Which he caught from the boys, who had it the previous week. His football team was playing in an important game which could lead to the playoffs and he wanted to go up north to watch the game with my dad. (Since they both like the same team) So, we make the hour and a half drive and watch the game. They were stoked because their team and another team won, so they made it to the playoffs after an 18 year drought. Which was HUGE! Our night was super laid back. Barbecued, watched some TV and went to bed well before midnight.

Nick woke up at about 3am to walk Toby, he was feeling a little off but decided to sleep it off, he wasn’t sure if it was just him recovering from the stomach virus he had. Fast forward to 3 hours later, he got up again to let the dog out and as he came back in I was waking up and he was just sitting on the edge of bed. Pretty much in a blank stare. It was odd and highly unlike him. I asked him if he was okay, he said yes and got up to grab some water. As he got he stumbled (way more than usual) and had to hold onto the counter to get himself over to the water. Again, I reassured with him to make sure he was okay. This time he didn’t really answer me, he just sat back and tried to drink some water. Couldn’t drink it. I knew something was up, but he was being very quiet. (Again, if you know Nick, that is highly unlikely of him) I asked him one more time if he was okay. This time he said, no. I need to go to the hospital. Something is wrong I need help. (Lastly, not like him, he will avoid doctors and hospitals at all costs) We were far from home, and I asked him if he could make it down the mountain or if he needed to be seen immediately. He said immediately, I need to see someone now.

I had to help him in the car, as he could not walk. With Nick’s MS he suffers from numbness and tingling, but this time it was from head to toe. Which it seemed to have thrown him in some kind of panic. He couldn’t breath, was seeing spots and on the way there he literally told no matter what happens I love you. Then I press on the gas, because now I’m freaking out! We get to the hospital and they get him in right away. Hook him up to monitors, IV and start getting him fluids because he was extremely dehydrated. They pretty much treat him for a panic attack. We had made them aware of his MS, as they had no records of his previous hospital stay which was close to 5 years ago. Once we told them about the MS, they suggested we go to the hospital where he was first diagnosed. They were very nice, but they honestly told us there was not much they could do for him, most importantly because there was no Neurologist on call. So down the mountain we went.

We got to the hospital he as originally diagnosed at. Checked into the ER and was made aware of the 3 hour wait. The Flu season is hitting the hospitals like crazy this year. Thankfully he did not have to wait that long. We got back, got hooked up again and waited. It was a bit of a frustrating visit for him because they would not give him the MRI that can detect more lesions. This is due to that fact that his numbness was not localized enough. They stated that since his numbness was from head to toe the MRI would not be able to detect where this was coming from. Okay. So we left, with him still feeling the same. Nothing was getting better. Days went by and at some point his right arm from his elbow to his wrist, in his words he said felt like it was a prosthetic. He could bang it against the wall and feel nothing.

So, during this time. His vision was starting to go he couldn’t see out of the corner of his left eye and objects would be there and then just disappear. This also caused him develop immense pain behind his eye, which in return developed a constant migraine. We knew this episode was not a good one. So, on Thursday, we went to an Opthamologist to address the eye pain. Did the eye exams and extra scans and the doctor was concerned that he needed and MRI right away. So, again to the ER we went. That’s #3 in 12 days. This time, though, was different. There was more concern and he was admitted that day to complete 3 rounds of steroids (through IV)  to combat the numbness and the pain. Which was the protocol the first time he was hospitalized. So he’s been stuck in a room the last couple of days, while occasionally taking a walk around the nurses station, because Nick and sitting still don’t go together very well.

The IV steroids are working and some of the numbness is going away, and he says his vision is slowly coming back as well. The MRI showed that there are some new lesions, but they are nothing of huge concern as of right now. This episode has finally made him realize that he needs to take this seriously. Nick is not one to let anyone know that something is wrong with him. By looking at him and seeing the activities he does you would never know he has Multiple Sclerosis, he will never let what he has hold him back. That’s just not him. If you asked him to go hiking the day after he gets out of the hospital, he would say where and what time. But, he also knows that this time he needs to make a change, he needs to learn when he’s pushed his body to the limit. Too much activity causes inflammation, in which return, will cause numbness.

2018 has not been very forgiving for my little family so far. We could easily throw in the towel and say FML, but you know what?  We are not gonna do that. I keep saying if this is how our new year is starting out, I can’t wait for what the rest of the year is going to bring to us. I will be damned if 2018 is not going to be the Wilson’s best yet. Change is coming. Big changes. I can’t wait to see what it’s going to bring for everyone this year. Cheers to 2018!!


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