Vitamin Sea. Part 1.


Nick and I don’t get out of town by ourselves much. The last time the two of us were away by ourselves was 2012. I remember it vividly we went to Vegas for 3 glorious days. So fast forward to 2 weeks ago when, I had just left the kids with their babysitter and headed to work. I call Nick as I am pulling out of the driveway (my normal routine) and he says he has a “surprise” for me. Now when someone says, “I have a surprise for you,” your typical reaction is to get all sorts of giddy with lots of anticipation. Mine wasn’t, and not because I am a horrible person, but Nick tends to over use the word “surprise.” It turns into, “Tiff! I have a surprise for you!” then here comes the giddy with lots of anticipation, right?? But then he’ll tell me my Amazon package (which I was already expecting) came in. Cue the let down music, wha wha whaaaaaaaaa. This happens quite often, so you can see why I wasn’t excited whatsoever. But then he tells me, we have a sitter set so the two of us can take a 3 day weekend to Coronado Island. I’m more than positive my next words were “Shut the Front Door!” Not gonna lie, that phrase may have been a bit different at the moment. Don’t judge me, I was so stoked!

The time has finally come, from what felt like the longest two weeks ever. After 4 and half hours of driving, and some navigation struggles on the I-5, we  were finally headed over the bridge to Coronado Island. The last time we visited the island was about 5 or 6 years ago with the kiddos but didn’t actually stay there. This time was different, we could just park the car and not get back in it until we left. We were really going to be able to take in every little bit of what the island has to offer.

We stayed at the Glorietta Bay Inn. This is a wonderful hotel across the street from the famous Hotel Del Coronado. In fact, the original owner of the Del, John D. Spreckles, this was his old mansion and was eventually turned into a hotel. As first timers, this hotel was everything. From check in to check out they made our stay on Coronado Island that more special.

We were graciously greeted at the front desk, check in was a breeze. Our room was not quite ready yet, though it was probably because we checked in hours before the official time. So they took our phone number down and said they would call when our room was available. This was great because it was right around lunch, so we decided to grab a bite to eat! Right as we were finishing up the hotel called and told us our room was ready. We could not have timed that more perfectly! So, we walked back and got our room keys and headed to where we would be staying for the next two nights.

The room was perfect. Clean, comfy and had a wonderful view of the bay off of our balcony. It was just what we needed for the weekend. They offered an impressive continental breakfast and coffee every morning. This, accompanied with their patio (which was facing the bay as well) added the perfect touch to start your day!

We couldn’t have stayed anywhere more perfect. The hotel is across the street from the Del, a two minute walk to the beach and within walking distance from downtown Coronado. The perfect place to park and not think about driving until it’s time to leave.

This is one of our new favorite places to stay in the San Diego area. We would love to hear about some of your favorite places! 


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