Vitamin Sea. Part 2.


I totally get why they say, Vitamin “Sea.” There is something about the ocean that truly is settling to the mind. Whether it be the crashing of the waves, the smell of salt water, the cool breeze going through your entire body or all three! For me it’s the latter. It doesn’t matter whether we have the kids or not,  there is something so amazing and calming about being near or on the beach. It’s a place where I could sit all day and truly be lazy, whether I am watching the boys play in the sand or it’s just Nick and I walking, collecting sea shells (which we totally did this time). Okay, now I wanna go back. 

This trip was definitely more of weekend to relax and regroup. Especially since it’s been kind of a rough summer. We did lots of walking, like I said before, one of my favorite things about the island is that you can basically walk or ride bikes everywhere. So you don’t have to keep loading and unloading your car.  To add some variety we rented some bikes and took a little adventure through the neighborhoods! Now let me tell you, neither of us have rode a bike in a loooooonnnngggg timeeeeeee. When we first got there, I don’t know about Nick, but I was a bit nervous! It was a beautiful Saturday afternoon and I just didn’t feel like falling on my face quite yet. We went to the back of the store to pick a bike. I was not having it at first because my feet could barely touch the ground and some bikes didn’t have adjustable seats. Luckily, though, we found one that could have the seat adjusted. I may or may not have had her lower the seat like three times

So we were all set, I had my basket for our belongings, locks to park it and we were ready to hit the open road (you cannot ride bikes on the sidewalk, so you’re on the road with the cars). Riding bikes through Coronado is amazing because the breeze and fresh air just intensifies that much more and makes the experience so peaceful. I think I can speak for both of us, our most favorite part was biking through the neighborhoods and seeing all the beautiful McMansions! These homes were amazing! A lot of them were colonial style with big wrap around porches (our favorite), the type of homes that you don’t normally see on the west coast. As we were riding past them, I was just imagining what they looked like inside and how I could totally become a squatter. I’m sure the owners would be totally cool with that, right?

I was bummed that I didn’t get any pics or video of us riding! For one, in the beginning I was scared because you know, the falling aspect. Two, by a certain time I was just having so much fun soaking in the moment, as who know when we will be back! It was definitely an experience that I will cherish forever and so glad I was able to have Nick there to share it with!

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